The Deployment Zone’s – Tamurkhan, Throne of Chaos Campaign Phase 6: The Throne of Chaos

The Chaos Horde tore through the Border Lands and after the near defeat at the hands of the Night Goblin Horde, spilled into the ripe fields of the Empire. Before them stood the city of Nuln, it’s walls surrounded by rivers and an open killing field. The Empire had prepared for this incursion and set up the city’s defenses for an attack from the South. Not even the Empire however could have imagined a horde of this scale pouring from the mountain passes to meet them. Tamurkhan stood on top of his mount and viewed the city before him. He knew that once Nuln had fallen that the Empire would be ripe for the plucking and his ascendancy would be complete. He would sacrifice the entire population of the Empire in order to appease the Father of Rot.

Tamurkhan raised his blackened axe and roared. The unholy horde surged forward unleashing a deafening battle cry as the populace of Nuln cowered behind the city walls. Theodore Bruckner called for his Knights to join him as he raced down the city streets of Nuln. Overhead the reptilian form a Carmine dragon cast shadows across the rooftops as it’s master surveyed the gathering horde. The battle that would determine the fate of the Empire and by extension mankind was about to be fought. If the Chaos forces are victorious this battle then Tamurkhan ascends the Throne of Chaos and attains Daemonhood on the back of unimaginable slaughter. If the Opposition wins, Tamurkhan is cast down and the great city of Nuln and the rest of the Empire endures!

Scenario Rules for Campaign Phase 6 – The Throne of Chaos

Special Scenario: The Battle of the Bloody Levees (7 CP to the victor)

The Scenarios: (roll a D6 to determine what battle you play – or you may elect to play the Special scenario instead)

D6 Result
1-2 Invasion* (4 CP to the victor – see the Warhammer Rulebook – use a larger than normal table, if one is not available then reroll and choose another scenario.)
3-4 Raze and Ruin* (3 CP to the victor – see the Warhammer Rulebook)
5 Heroic Last Stand* (3 CP to the victor – Opposition player always the one making the Last Stand)
6 River of Death* (4 CP to the victor) – Fought as a Grand Battle or a Storm of Magic scenario (3 CP to the victor) as chosen.

* – Narrative scenario from the Warhammer Rulebook

Special Rules:
War on an Epic Scale!
The Chaos player may choose to use the Hosts of Chaos rule provided the battle fought is a Grand Battle. If the Chaos player chooses to use the Hosts of Chaos rule then they may increase the size of their army by 25% with the following restrictions:
- The points must be used to purchase Core units from any of the four armies: Warriors of Chaos, Daemons of Chaos, Legion of Azgorh or Beastmen.
(Example if the battle is selected to be 3000 points then the Chaos player receives an additional 750 points to devote to Core choices in is army)
Should the Chaos Player decide to play using the Hosts of Chaos rule then the Opposition gains the following Veteran Ability to bestow upon a single Infantry or Monstrous Infantry unit :
Bloody Butchers – The unit gains Killing Blow for the first round of combat when it charges.

Victory Effects:
Chaos Horde won two battles and receives the following Veteran Abilities for Phase 6.
Hell Riders – A single unit of Cavalry, Monstrous Cavalry, or Monstrous Beasts/Warbeasts gain Devastating Charge special rule.
Watched Over by the Gods – A single unit gains Magic Resistance (2).

The Opposition won two battles and receives the following Veteran Abilities for Phase 6:
Fated Destiny – One unit gains a Ward Save of 5+. (Replaces existing ward save if the unit has one)
Expert Defense – One unit may fight with an additional rank on the first round of combat whenever they receive a charge.

There was a single Tie during this campaign as a result the following ability is granted to both sides:
Beast of Legend – A single Monster gains +1 Attack and +2 Wounds.

Special Scenario:
The Battle of the Bloody Levees
The scenario represents the battle along a key part of the battle line outside the city of Nuln – a line its defenders must hold at all costs or see their great city slaughtered as a sacrifice to the Chaos Gods.

Armies: This scenario is for two players but can be expanded to accommodate more (the table will need to be expanded should more than two players participate.) This scenario is intended to be a Grand Battle and as such the point value recommended for this final scenario is 3400. The Opposition is intended to represent the Defenders and the Chaos Horde the Attackers.

The Battlefield: The table is set up using the rules in the Warhammer Rulebook on page 142. The rules for Mysterious Scenery should be used.

A water ditch/river should bisect the battlefield along the long table edge near the center of the battlefield.

The battlefield is split into two halves and the players roll to see which picks a table side to be their deployment zone.

The defending player may then place two hills anywhere they wish inside their deployment zone, along with up to 12” of obstacles they wish within their deployment zone.

Deployment: Players take turns to place units on the table using the alternating method of deployment as described on page 142 of the Warhammer rulebook.

Units may be placed anywhere in their player’s half of the table that is more than 18” away from an enemy model.

First Turn: Roll off to see who has first turn. The player who finished deploying first receives a +1 to their roll.

Game Length: The game lasts for six turns or until an agreed upon time limit by players.

Victory Conditions: Standard victory conditions are used to determine the winner of the battle, and in addition all Lord level characters are worth double their Victory points (Special Characters are worth FOUR times their value). Also every unit in the opponent’s deployment zone and not fleeing at the end of the game scores 50 Victory Points for its side..

Scenario Special Rules:
The Levee: The water ditch of the levee should make for an erratic line between 4” and 8” wide across the entire line of the battlefield – it has been flooded and staked to form a defensive barrier. This area counts as Dangerous Terrain for everything except Monsters in this game.

Fortunes of War: Special bonuses and abilities gained from playing previous battles in the Throne of Chaos Campaign apply for this climatic battle.

Special Option: Each general in the army receives the Hard to Kill Veteran Ability which gains them +1 wound to their profile.

Please make sure to report your battles to me in person, at or through the Ordo Fanaticus forums ( and message me as Sylvos.

Thank you for playing the Tamurkhan, Throne of Chaos Campaign. Phase 5 results will be posted and then in three weeks the Campaign Results will be available and the winners announced!

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