On the Battlefront: Part 1

Hey everybody, so I have been working on my Empire army, and wanted to show what I have gotten done so far.

Bases for Halberd unit

So, that is almost 4oz. of Milliput on those baby’s. The goal is to have a battlefield look to the army, as they march on their enemy’s. Also, I made the ground taller the further back in ranks you go. I did this for two reasons. The first was for a cinematic look of a wave of halberds crashing down on you. The other is to help them rank up better, as the halberd rests over the top of the guys head in front of him.

45 bases are done, enough for the unit as I am going to play them. I might build 5 more to fill the character gaps and to just round out the unit of 50. Later today I shall be attaching the guys to the bases and if weather permits, prime them. I do need to attach the shields to the guys, but I might do that after I paint the shields. What do you think I should do?

Anyway, signing off now. I will keep a updated log of my work, and lets see if I can get it done by June.

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