Episode 20: Kickstart Your Hobby

This week on The Deployment Zone: Ellie joins the guys to talk about the new GW Daemons, we discuss how we get others to play the games we like, and wrap up the OFCC season. All this and more on The Deployment Zone!

0:00:17 Roll Call
0:20:10 Arms Race
1:04:51 DoBG
1:09:27 Scouting Report
1:51:37 Propaganda Machine
2:20:12 War Room
2:53:42 Combat Maneuvers
3:04:15 Tactical Withdrawl

Link to the P3 Paint Guide

Music from: Epic Soul Factory, Epic Score, Freeky Cleen Dickey F, The Freak Fandango Orchestra, Tenpenny Joke, Dom the Bear
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