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On the Battlefront: Part 2

Ok kids, I know it has been awhile, but here is On The Battlefront: Part 2. And before episode 14.

I have been up to quite a bit, most of which has been covered on the show. So, here are some pictures of what I have been working on.

Front side of halberdiers. I have finished base coating the entire model, but after this picture was taken. They still need another coat of kislev flesh.

Rear view of them. That is basicly the color of the bases, with all the weapons based as well.

The idea right now is getting the models to 3 color minimum with all the primer covered. OFCC is approaching quick, and I have a lot of work to do. After OFCC I will finish them to a higher quality.

This is my Lumi-canium that I have been working on. There is a lot of detail in this model and it is taking me awhile to pick through it all. Right now it is dry fit together for the pic, and I will not finish gluing until the interior is finished. After it is compleatly assembled I will line highlight the model.

And the inside of the chaise. This was fun to paint, and it appears that I didn’t need to paint all of the comets. Oh well…

So this is all of the things that I have been painting. I have built some things, like a second hellblaster and some characters. The family now consists of Cersei, Jamie, Tywin, Tryian, and Tryian’s bodyguard, Bronn. The last thing that needs to be built is Sandor Clegane. Now where is he…

On the Battlefront: Part 1

Hey everybody, so I have been working on my Empire army, and wanted to show what I have gotten done so far.

Bases for Halberd unit

So, that is almost 4oz. of Milliput on those baby’s. The goal is to have a battlefield look to the army, as they march on their enemy’s. Also, I made the ground taller the further back in ranks you go. I did this for two reasons. The first was for a cinematic look of a wave of halberds crashing down on you. The other is to help them rank up better, as the halberd rests over the top of the guys head in front of him.

45 bases are done, enough for the unit as I am going to play them. I might build 5 more to fill the character gaps and to just round out the unit of 50. Later today I shall be attaching the guys to the bases and if weather permits, prime them. I do need to attach the shields to the guys, but I might do that after I paint the shields. What do you think I should do?

Anyway, signing off now. I will keep a updated log of my work, and lets see if I can get it done by June.

Those are the Tots you were looking for…

Here they are in all their mediocre glory! But hey, I actually painted something, and here is the proof! So, I guess a rundown of what I did (with a lot of help from Bryan) to get these done.

I started by adding some Bleached Bone to Blood Red to get a good base for their skin tone. Then, I base coated their hair with Codex Grey. I washed the hair and joint like areas in a black wash, then preceded to highlight the hair with Spacewolf Grey and the body with Macharius Solar Orange (tip that Bryan gave me is to be very careful when highlighting with a foundation paint, it is easy to over highlight. I found that out the hard way…). Needless to say that I had to attempt this multiple times. This is also the first time I have painted eyes on my models, and it shows! I need to rework the taller one, he has one extremely large eye! I painted the blades with Chainmail, washed with black and brown, and highlighted with Mithril Silver. That is basically it for the Tots themselves. The bases are just base coated with Codex Grey, washed with black and brown, then highlighted with Spacewolf Grey. I added magma to the bottom of the base so it would look like the rock was floating in it. That was Blood Red, the Solar Orange for the hotter part, then a light sprinkling of Golden Yellow to indicate the really hot spots. I followed that up with taking some of that Solar Orange and dry brushing it on the undersides of the stone and then a really light dry brushing of Golden Yellow over that to give it the lighting effect.

This is it for now until my dull coat comes in the mail. After I seal them I will paint the magma with a glossy hard coat to make it shine more and give a more flowing effect. I also want to add a little bit of dead foliage to the bases to give them a bit of a different color in there to look at. Many thanks to Bryan who showed me the different techniques I used to paint these pretty cool models, and after finishing the Mature Nephlim and Lilith maybe I can become a Wyrd Henchmen!

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