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Episode 52: Wyrd people in the Kingdom

Hello, and welcome to Episode 52! It has been a long time coming, so hopefully we made it worth it! On today’s episode The Cutie joins us as we discuss Wyrd Games new board game Kings of Artifice, and yes this is much approval! Sitback in your best hobby chair and enjoy the show!

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The War Council 4: Warriors of Chaos

Time for another meeting of the War Council. Today Josh, John, and Bryan are joined by Mark Handford (@Mach_5_) and Jamie Stockdale (@shirosatoj). Warriors of Chaos is on today’s agenda. Enjoy the show!

Episode 50: Marvelous Malifaux

Hey everybody, this is THE episode 50! Bryan and Josh sat down and actually played a game of Malifaux! Find out their thoughts on this weeks episode!

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Episode 50(49): Chaos Christmas III- The Ultimate Treachery

Hello everyone and welcome to The Deployment Zones (late) Chaos Christmas Special! It appears that during our pre recordings we mixed up some episode numbers, so Episode 50 is really Episode 49 and Episode 50 will be in a couple weeks. The show must go on though!

On this episode we have Raindog, Chris Baily, and Nick the Bad Gamer on to discuss the new Triumph and Treachery expansion for Warhammmer Fantasy, and to discuss our game using those rules! We hope you enjoy the show and hopefully we can get back on schedule in the new year! Thanks for listening!

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Episode 47: Marines in Space… Not Space Marines

Welcome to Episode 47 where we discuss Marines in Space, not Space Marines. GW, please don’t send us a C&D, we didn’t use the term Space Marine… Damnit! Enjoy the show, only a couple more episodes until Chaos Christmas 3- Even more Christmas!!!

Episode 46: Apocolipticon

Welcome to episode 46 of The Deployment Zone, in which we discuss the new Forgeworld Apocalypse book: Imperial Armour- Apocalypse… Well anyway, here it is in all of its mechanicum glory?

Episode 45: Are you Afraid of the Dark?

Season 3 of The Deployment Zone kicks off with a breakdown of the new Dark Elf book and some hobby talk. Yup, thats about it! We streamlined the show for season 3! Listen for more info and have fun painting!

Episode 44: Unedited! Part 2

It’s been awhile, and sorry for that. Josh has been having a crazy schedule lately. everything should be easing out here in a couple weeks. Stay tuned!

Episode 43: The DZ Unedited!!!

Due to my severe lack of time to edit this episode, I have decided to release it… UNEDITED!!!! Mwhaaa-haha!!! So sit back and relax, and listen for the unedited gold!

Episode 42: Don’t Panic!

On this episode, we take a look at this OFCC season and play some interviews! Also, new Space Marines!!!

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