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Episode 59: OFCC Primer 2014- Ordopalozza!

It’s that time again people! Time for this years OFCC Primer! Ordo Fanaticus is doing something a bit different this year, and have combined the 40k and Fantasy OFCC events into one large event, and have also added new events to the roster! Take a listen and then head over to and check out and sign up for events!

Episode 58: The Grim Dark Future of 40K

Hello all, today fall down the grim dark rabbit hole as we delve into the new 7th Edition of Warhammer 40k. As always, Bryan and John are pretty pleased with the system, and I think you can guess how Josh feels about it. We want to thank you for listening, and, as always, enjoy the show!

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Episode 57: The Draconic Awards

Hello everyone, and welcome to episode 57! In this episode we start off by discussing our experience during the Masterclass Painting class we all took, taught by Meg Maples of Arcane Paintworks. Then, we have the pleasure of speaking to Chung from Wargamers Consortium about The Draconic Awards.

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Episode 56: Wood Elves, Bullshit Edition

Alas, the time has come. Wood Elves have released, and John has strapped Josh and Bryan to their chairs to talk about them. Bryan and Josh have some revenge though. Hope you enjoy it!

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Episode 55: Astra Militaru-Whaaat???

Hello again and welcome to Episode 55 of the Deployment Zone. Bryan and John shanghai Josh into another Warhammer 40k discussion. This time it is about the new Imperial Gua…. I mean Astra Militarum (TM). Along with the new ‘Dex, we have the interviews with Mr. Dandy and Matt DiPietro that was supposed to be in the last episode. We whipped Josh heavily for this mistake. A space episode everyone can enjoy, we hope you enjoy it. PEW PEW!!!

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Episode 54: DZ Knightly

Welcome to Episode 54, where the guys talk about their hobby, Titanfall, and their favorites Knights. Well, thats a lie, they only talk about GW’s new favorite knights, the Imperial Knights! So sit back and enjoy! ‘Tis but a scratch!

Episode 53.7: Relic Knights Go!

In the last individual Adepticon episode, Josh joins John Cadice from SodaPop Miniatures and Ninja Division to discuss the mechanics of Relic Knights and play a few turns, which turns into an entire game. The game is a blast, so have a listen! I know Josh and John (Kersey) cannot wait to get their stuff, and hey, your ninja is showing!

Episode 53.5: LKI with Aetherium!

It is another LKI episode from Adepticon, this time with the guys from Anvil Eight Games and their project Aetherium! This game was a blast to play when I demoed it, so check it out. Support these guys, for they are using Kickstarter right, and also have a amazing product! Only you can bring Aetherium to the Grid!

Guest host Mark Dieter from Through the Breach: A Malifaux Transmission.

Link to Aetherium:

Link to TTB:

Episode 53.3- LKI with Super Dungeon Explore: Forgotten King

Welcome to the first of the interviews Josh recorded at Adepticon. In this short episode Josh talks with Chris from SodaPop Miniatures and Ninja Division about their kickstarter for Super Dungeon Explore: Forgotten King. The kickstarter is only up for a few more days (April 16th to be exact) so get over there and Kick It!

Link to the Kickstarter:

Episode 53: A Giant Release

Slow news week folks, and by that I mean that we are bursting at the seams with releases! We couldn’t decide on just one to talk about, so we did them all! Enjoy!

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