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Thanks to an understanding wife, Bryan is an avid gamer and hobbyist. He plays Warhammer 40K, Blood Bowl and has committed to finally learning to play Warhammer Fantasy. He is a self-proclaimed mediocre tactician, and plays games primarily for the social interaction. Like many gamers, Bryan suffers from gamer ADD. He can be found shifting his interest between many unfinished projects, but spends every spring working on wargaming terrain for the summer tournament season. He also plays Magic, RPGs and many board games.

Bryan (evil_bryan) has been a member of the Ordo Fanaticus gaming club for more the 5 years. Much of that time has been spent in a leadership role on the Ordo Senate, and is currently serving his second term in charge of the club. Ordo Fanaticus is the largest gaming club in the Pacific Northwest and it’s community spans more than 600 members.

Bryan can usually be found gaming at Ancient Wonders in Tualatin, Ordo Fanaticus Game Night and occasionally at Guardian Games in Portland.

Last, but certainly not least, Bryan LOVES bacon!

Host, Producer, Young Buck

I have been gaming for about 3 years and have enjoyed every minute of it. I started with the GW plastic crack they call Warhammer 40k Dark Eldar, and quickly added to my collection a Empire Warhammer Fantasy army. Building is a passion of mine. I love converting my models, and I think I am getting much better at it. After awhile I picked up Chaos Space Marines, cause I like playing the good guys, and quickly converted up my Daemon Prince of Nurgle. Unfortunately, I am not much of a painter so I play what I like to call “The Albino Army,” referring to the white primer that plagues my army’s.

This year I have found one of my new favorite games, Malifaux. The game is extremely fun, and I like having ten models compared to 200 for my Empire. With picking up this game, I have decided to try my hand at painting. I like having the small model count since it makes me feel like I am making more of a progress.

I have a background in sound design for theater. I have worked for local theaters, colleges, and high schools, and is a true passion of mine. Basically, if there is anything wrong with the show let me know and I will do my best at fixing them. I am excited to host this show with Bryan and John, and with this show I hope to expand my hobby skill’s along with everyone else who listens. Thank you all for listening and sharing this experience with me.



What can be said about the dashingly handsome and charming co-host of the Deployment Zone podcast that hasn’t already? John has been an avid gamer for quite some time and due to the benevolence of his soon to be wife, he is allowed to host the podcast in the legendary “Deployment Zone Recording Studio” also known as his garage. John essentially will play anything that is either a wood elf or a ranger, and is a very active blogger. John’s blog is the Company of the Damned, a wargaming and hobby blog located at http://www.companyofthedamned.blogspot.com and he updates it several times a month.

John enjoys playing Warhammer Fantasy, Warhammer 40k, Warmachine, Hordes and can be seen engaging in the occasional Blood Bowl game. He also plays several other game systems like D&D and Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. John is from Alabama and is a rabid and by rabid we mean fanatical Alabama Crimson Tide fan. John is also a member of the “legendary” gaming team known as “Team Tourettes” and is a member of the gaming community The Ordo Fanaticus.

John plays the following armies; Wood Elves, Beastmen, Eldar, Black Templars, Retribution of Scyrah, Circle Orboros

John can usually be found gaming at Ancient Wonders in Tualatin or Ordo Fanaticus Game Night in Portland.

Lastly, John is the owner of the Deployment Zone’s greatest treasure – the fabled Sailor Moon Lunchbox.


  1. mark dieter says:

    Hey guys, congrats on the first episodes. I was hoping that you guys might email me what your last names are so that I may update the ‘Deployment Zone’ section of the community/podcast link on the ohiohammer site. Thanks and keep on with the cast.

    Mark D.

  2. Moses says:

    Sherwood Oregon? Yeah, I’m not too far away down in Salem! Finally a podcast from the Pacific Northwest, make sure you set up a donation site so we can support our local podcast. I too love Blood Bowl and Warhammer Fantasy and I’m really looking forward to hearing local news about our hobby.

  3. Loren Scott says:

    Loving the show. Finally a gaming podcast for the NW! One thing, turn the mic volumes up! Sounds like half of you are whispering into the mic. Keep it up! Seattle representing!

  4. Ryan Meigs says:

    Huzza! A local NW podcast! You guys are awesome, I love hearing about all of the local events like the Guardian Cup from some guys with NW accents.

    Keep up the great work, I’m looking forward to hearing more!

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